An Introduction to Gentle Monsters

Monster: “a large, ugly, and frightening imaginary creature.”

Sometimes we tend to ‘over nurture’ certain thoughts which are unwanted, often a response to negative stimuli. The stimuli are usually certain thoughts that cause worry, stress and anxiety. The more we keep our minds there, the thoughts become bigger and uglier…turning into monsters. They may not be completely uprooted but can become gentle.


Art Exhibit

“Gentle Monsters” is a personal art project started in July 2017 by Nisshtha Khattar. It is a series of portraits of her own personal monsters that she has encountered and become friends with.


Each monster‘s soul has been portrayed through the poem associated with it.

Sounds for Gentle Monsters 

This interactive exhibit is a collaboration with Angad Berar who is producing music for each monster. 


The intention behind creating these sounds was to accompany the artwork with a sonic backdrop, allowing the viewer to completely immerse themselves in the artist’s work, both visually and sonically.


Every monster has a beginning, present and an end state. Taking this as a queue, each piece is designed with certain musical elements to represent ‘that’ particular state, in the hope to take the listener on a linear journey, while doing justice to each Monster’s essence.

About the Artists

Nisshtha Khattar

She is on a good will mission to save all the kittens in the world regardless of her tree climbing skills. Apart from being a nerd of everything food, biology and art Nisshtha is known to take on design led research projects between her mornings and sweet starry nights. You can say hi to her while she busks for Bangalore over the weekends at church street or just ping her:; Instagram @nisshtha12


Angad Berar

He believes in openly air drumming to black keys while walking between streets of Bangalore and is on a never ending search for the best ‘good’ cold water. When he is not making sounds and noises in his cave he can be found designing products and websites for the good people of earth.

Give him a shout out: